Author Gives Proceeds of New Book to Local Shelters

Pat Grissom, a local author from the Houston area, has recently pubished a book titled, Too Much Gold To Flush. Through this book, Pat bares-all and shares her journey of self-awareness. Sue Davis gives us insight into the book through her review:

“Pat allows us to accompany her on a transformational journey from abuse and despair to freedom and joy. Too Much Gold to Flush charts a glorious path to freedom for all who have survived early abuse and continued that pattern into adulthood. For those who have not experienced abuse firsthand, it increases awareness and understanding of the cycle of abuse and the possibility of recovery. As a long-time professional in behavioral health, I have witnessed the ravages resulting from the type of dysfunctional family roots she discusses. This should be required reading for anyone interested in the field of behavioral health and/or domestic violence.”

Because of her wish to instill hope and joy through this book, Pat has generously chosen to donate 50% of the proceeds from Too Much Gold to Flush to benefit the Resource & Crisis Center and other local women’s shelters. We encourage you to visit Pat’s website at Please choose to dedicate your donation through the purchase of this book to the Resource & Crisis Center.

A huge thank you to Pat Grissom for choosing to contribute to the community through the sales of Too Much Gold to Flush and all who donate to RCC through the purchase of this book!


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