Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are essential to providing services to victims of domestic and sexual assault. Our volunteers work in all facets of the agency: administration, hotline, youth services, shelter services, maintenance, emergency response, court accompaniment, community outreach, and more. So take a stand against violence and abuse by giving your time to participate in one of our programs – to help support the journey to peace.

Administrative Assistant

We welcome volunteers who can assist with clerical duties in the RCC office.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline

RCC maintains a crisis hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide social resources and services to the Galveston County community at all times. Volunteers in this position are trained to give support, assistance through crisis, and referral services to callers in need.

Youth/Child Services

Volunteers are needed to plan activities for the young children and youth living in our shelter facilities. These volunteers offer emotional support and entertainment to the children, while giving the mothers living in the shelter the time and energy focus on their recovery.

Shelter Services

Volunteers working in our shelter can offer a variety of services based upon the volunteers individual skills. Volunteers are needed to cook dinner every night of the week, garden, or teach classes on their area of expertise. We also welcome our volunteers to get creative to offer any classes and/or services that we might not have considered.

Maintenance Specialist

Volunteers in this position support RCC by performing light and general maintenance at our shelter and other facilities. Maintenance volunteers get put on a list and are called on a rotating, as-needed basis, therefore flexible scheduling is available.

Emergency Response Advocate

The volunteer in this position works closely with our sexual assault response team to respond to calls from victims in emergency situations. The volunteer accompanies the client to the hospital where he or she records the initial intake information and offers gentle support to the client in crisis.

Volunteer/Outreach Assistant

We are looking for a small group of dedicated volunteers to create a Volunteer Committee. The roll of the committee will be to collect volunteer applications, make first contact with potential volunteers, manage the volunteer calendar, and bring any questions or concerns from volunteers to RCC staff. Generally, this volunteer position acts as a liaison between volunteers and the organization.

Special Projects

RCC needs volunteers to support fundraiser and awareness events, food and back to school drives, and other special events by actively recruiting donors and/or donations for the agency and giving a hand at special events.

Group Opportunities

Groups are always welcome to create a project or volunteer together with RCC. Please contact our volunteer coordinator for a current list of projects.

To begin volunteering with RCCGC, please complete our volunteer application and contact Christina Harrover, our volunteer coordinator, at 409-443-0511 or charrover@rccgc.org. Thank you for donating your time and energy to Resource and Crisis Center!

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